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Innovera school believes in effective , and the most important virtue ‘the School and Parental trust relationship’, which helps everyone in being more approachable to each other. By promoting mutual respect in our community of students, teachers, and parents, we aim at maintaining transparency with the parents in every aspect concerned with the school or children. In the process of providing the best education to our children and impact their lifestyles as well as life choices, we started formalizing our school culture, values and behavior. 

Green vicinity and freedom to act responsibly help us to be our best and find a pathway to make children learn with interest and enjoyment. Our leaders inspire us to find a creative way to grab attention and develop an interest that goes smoothly with the motto of INNOVERA – ‘Inspire to Innovate’.

We aim to be successful and happy from the line we draw for ourselves, work, and school. ‘Drawing line bigger’ simply means a person to understand self, refine choices, and uplift self and others from the present condition of mindset, attitude, action, or behavior. We believe that when one stops competing with others, s/he starts focusing on self and utilizes all energies in the right way. Thus, we advocate that learn more, think more, and implement more to excel automatically, which we practice in Innovera School. 

Innoverians nurture children by creating engaged learners, encouraging honesty and guiding social and emotional development. We foster Academic Excellence by supporting skilled and dedicated teachers who maintain high academic standards, motivate our students and collaborate with their families. Our aim is to develop ‘Critical Thinkers’ by encouraging intellectual curiosity and rewarding independent and creative problem solvers. Building Partnership by welcoming staff, students and their families, to participate in and celebrate the successes of our students, is our major goal.

Everyone in our school is very unique and special to us in every way. Our objective is to experience learning in a positive, balanced and complete way so that can get best out of students. We believe in personalized education. Students should be evaluated according to their own standards of capabilities and abilities while instilling in them an unconditional vocation for excellence.