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Attendance and Leave Policy:

  • Absence from the school needs to be recorded /intimated to school with a note in the diary/school management system or through an email addressing to the class teacher.
  • More than 3 days leave needs to be accompanied with a medical note.
  • No half day leave is applicable to students. Any request for allowing students to leave school before dispersal time under any circumstances will not be entertained.
  • There is no provision for half-day leave, therefore, students who are not well should not be sent to school.
  • Even if it is to be an assessment day the child will be marked absent if he/she is to be taken home by parents/guardians/authorized person during school hours. No marks will be given for the assessment taken on that particular day.
  • The school does not provide any retest for class assignments, unit tests or any other examination missed due to an absence.
  • Irregular attendance/habitual late coming/unjustified or unexplained absence for a week or more during the school term may result in the removal of a student from the school muster.
  • Attendance on the first and the last day of the school for each term is mandatory. In this case, absence without permission/information for more than a week will result in the name of the student being struck off from the school muster. In such case, the re-admission policy of the school is applicable and bound to all.
  • The Head of School has the authority to grant or reject a leave application.

Birthday Celebration:

  • On the child’s birthday, parents and teachers will coordinate with each other and celebrate the birthday in the school.
  • The parents of the child should bring only vegetarian homemade food items.
  • Bring food for all the children, class teacher and maushi of the class.
  • The parents along with the child will serve food to all the class members.
  • The parent also needs to confirm the menu with the teacher well in advance.
  • No cake, chocolates or biscuits are permitted.
  • Plates arrangement will be done by the school.
  • The parent has to compulsorily come for serving the class.
  • The teacher will then communicate to the other parents for not sending lunch for that day.
  • The parent, along with the celebration, can donate any number of books to the school library.
  • The teacher along with the children of the class will pray for healthy and long life of the child.
  • If a parent wants to celebrate the birthday on any other date than the birth date, then they are requested to communicate to the school/teacher about the same.
  • In case of two children having their birthday on the same date, the teacher will coordinate with the parents and mutually decide the dates.
  • Colour dress for birthday is allowed only for classes Nursery to 5.

Vidya Lekha App and School Diary:

  • Vidya Lekha is the only official channel of communication between the school and the parents. Hence, the parents need to check it daily.
  • All the records and data are maintained in the school management software.
  • Routine circulars will be sent regularly through the school management software or through student’s diary. Parents are expected to check the diary and school management software every day and sign and acknowledge all notices wherever applicable.

Fees Rules:

  • No intimation will be sent to the parents except the communication from school management software about the due date of installment. Parents are expected to remember the due date of fees.
  • In case of cheque bounce, Rs.500 will be charged as cheque bounce charges, Also late fee will be charged as applicable.
  • In case the parent fails to pay the fees, it will be assumed that the parent does not wish to continue with the admission, Hence the name of the child will be removed from the school register.
  • For RTE parents- common intimation sent for fee payment to be ignored.
  • School does not charge any money from RTE parent.

Expectation from Parents:

  • The attendance of all parents for the monthly workshops is compulsory to know what the children will be learning and find out about your child’s performance in academics and the other activities.
  • All parents must attend the school events and functions to motivate the children. (Except optional paid event or outsourced event or beyond school activities)
  • The child should not be sent to school if suffering from any contagious disease, fever, cough or cold. If found, we will send the child back from the gate itself.
  • You are a family member of Innovera, therefore your contribution in development of children would be highly appreciated. Hence kindly volunteer your name for taking upa topic for special class or guided tour if any.
  • For any feedback or concern, you can mail at in order to have a better understanding.
  • We are an English medium school and all communications will be done in English.
  • Meet up with the educator (Teacher) formally and informally as frequently as possible tocheck your child’s development. However, it is advisable to fix an appointment with the educator through the school dairy or SMS (school management software)
  • No cast / creed etc discrimination to be done.
  • Parents should respect teachers and support staff.
  • For any misbehavior in school, a strict action will be taken.

Dress Code/Uniform:

  • The school uniform and the sports uniform will be provided by the school uniform vendor.
  • School dress is compulsory to wear from Monday to Friday. (For preschool, casual dress on Friday)
  • Shoes recommended are campus sports shoes (No leather shoes).
  • In winter, the school sweat shirt is compulsory.
  • Nails should be neatly cut.
  • No fancy hair cuts are allowed. Boys must cut their hair short & girls must tie their long hair neatly in two ponytails or plaits depending on the length. In case of short hair she must wear a black hair band. Combs are not permitted.
  • No jewelry except a pair of small ear studs or earrings may be worn. Any breach of this rule will cause the articles to be confiscated and retained by the school.
  • Application of mehndi, hair coloring, make -up, kajal and nail paint or any other form of decoration on the body is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Wear white socks without any design and should reach the calves.
  • Expectation from the parents: Parents/Guardians are expected to go through the school diary every day and sign. You are requested to use the diary for communication with the class teacher/subject teacher and the Principal
  • Details of Uniform are mentioned below.


Identity Card:

  • Parents must carry the Escort card at the time of picking up the children.


General Rules:

  • Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, I-pods etc. are not allowed with children inside school.
  • Students are expected to converse in English within the school campus.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in address and Telephone/mobile number.
  • The name, class and section of the student should be clearly marked on all belongings brought to the school. 
  • In case of any injury or fall of sick during school hours, the school will make every effort to contact the parent first. If in case this is not possible the school authorities will take the necessary measures as deemed fit.
  • Students must keep their classroom and school campus neat and clean. In case of any damage or destruction to the school property will have to be repaired. In addition a fine may be imposed by the child.


  • Books will be issued only on the prescribed days per the class timetable after showing the I-Card.
  • Books for reading will be available to the students during the library periods.
  • Only one book will be issued on the library card for a period of 7 days.
  • Books should be returned on the due dates.
  • If a book is to be returned before the due date, it should be returned only during the recess time.
  • If the due date falls on a holiday, the book should be returned on the following day.
  •  If the student is absent, he/she should show the leave note to the librarian, while returning the book.
  • If a student fails to return the book on the due date, there will be a cross mark on the library card.
  • If the student fails to return the book on or before the due date, a fine of Rs. 1.00 will be charged per day.
  • If a library book is lost by the student, he/she must pay the fine (Rs.100/-) and the amount of the book or replace the same book. Writing of any kind anywhere on the book is punishable, with a fine. All the books must be returned before the examinations. All books should be handled with care.
  • Reference books need to be used only in the library. They can’t be issued for home use/reading.
  • The library will be open to all students during Diwali, Christmas and Summer   vacations. Books can be used by the students in the library. They will not be permitted to take them home.  The timings during vacation are 9.00 am to 12.00 noon (Monday to Friday). Please check with the librarian for exact dates. A During vacations, a child will not be allowed in the library, without the I-D cards.
  • All students of the school are members of the library and can avail the collection of materials such as books, periodical etc. The pre-defined rules for library should be strictly observed. Strict discipline and silence is to be observed in the library. Library books should be looked after and deposited on the due date. Any
  • Loss/damage to any library resource will have to be paid for by the user.
  • Parents are encouraged to issue school library books so as to inculcate the habit of reading in children.

School Bus Rules

  • The school does not have its own fleet of buses. However, for the convenience of the parents the school will arrange for the services of an experienced transport provider to take care of the arrival and departure of students.
  • The transport committee, consisting of parent volunteers for each route and the school administration representative will take care of everything to ensure that the transporter adheres to all the rules and regulations of the RTO. However, parents are requested to note that the school is only a facilitator between the parents and the service provider.
  • Once the student’s name is registered, it will be mandatory for the student to continue with the transport service provider unless the student withdraws from the school or relocates or there is any change in route which is causing inconvenience.
  • Keeping the security of the students in mind, school WILL NOT ply school buses in the event of emergencies such as bandh, floods etc. Parents are requested to use their own discretion and decide whether they would like to send/bring their ward to school. In case such event or situation arises after the school has begun, parents need to pick up their ward personally. The school cannot risk sending the students with any other person in hazardous circumstances.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to drop the student at the bus stop in the morning 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Similarly, parents are requested to ensure that the authorized person is available to receive the student at the regular bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • In case, there is no one available at the bus stop, students will be brought back to the school and the parents will have to arrange to collect them at the earliest.
  • Parents are requested to note that the transporter is not authorized person to drop the student with the watchman etc. unless a letter to this effect is given by the parent.
  • Students will not be allowed to board or get down at any stop other than the scheduled stop.
  • Indiscipline of any kind like use of bad language, fighting etc. will not be tolerated in the school bus. Strict disciplinary action will be taken by the school if students are found to be indulging in such acts. Student should be seated at all times in the bus except while alighting and should comply with the instructions given by the conductor.
  • Parents are not permitted to use the school bus at any time except those from the volunteer group.